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Have you ever asked yourself?
Are we alone in the Univers?
What happened at Roswell in 1947?
Do aliens really exist?

Try the room escape game in Reus

What do

you have to do?

You and your team enter a bunker, which belonged to AREA 51, used as a military base, a laboratory where they develop secret projects during the Second World War In 1947, the year of the Roswell incident, an unidentified object fell in the surrounding of the military base located in Area 51.

Your main objective is to investigate the laboratory, to disable the self-destruct sequence and manage to escape in 60 minutes, all that by solving a series of games and puzzles that will test you to your limits.



What is a Room Escape?

What is a

Room Escape Game?

Room Escape is a new type of team game. Each team consists of 2 up to 6 players.
You enter a room and your goal is to manage to "escape" within 60 minutes using only your imagination and your wits, solving a series of puzzles and games that will test you to the limit.
The game is based on a well-known theory from psychology: the flow theory first formulated in 1975 by the Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
The state of flow occurs when there is a strong motivation, a strong desire to succeed, which completely submerges you in state of full concentration necessary to successfully solve the challenge at hand.

What is

Area 51

Officially, a test area for the Air Force, Area 51 is a military base located about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. Public access remains prohibited and legends, more or less true, are what made Area 51 famous.
Warnings about access restrictions are accompanied by armed patrols and video surveillance. The existence of these extreme safeguards is what’s fueling the idea that Area 51 houses evidence of extraterrestrial life, following the Roswell incident in 1947 New Mexico.
Area 51 was confirmed by the U.S. government as a military base with a special status for nearly 20 years. Consequently, what everyone knows is that Area 51 is a secret military base, whose special status is motivated by legitimate interests that are required for keeping military secrets.


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*Once the reservation is made you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, by one of our staff members. Once you received the confirmation e-mail, the only thing left to do is meet us at the date and time of the reservation at our location, 10 minutes before the reservation time, so we can explain all the rules of the game. The reservation for the same day can only be made by phone at one of our contact numbers (0034) 674.662.116 or (0034) 640.585.643. Thanks for your understanding and collaboration.




Room Escape is a new type of team game. You participate in groups of 2-5 players. You enter a room and your final goal is to manage to escape in 60 minutes, using only your wits and your imagination to solve a series of puzzles and games that will test you to the limit.

Because it’s something new. Because we promise it will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Because it’s the only type of game out there where qualities such as: a keen sense of observation , intelligent and creativity are what come first . Because it will help you get to know your team members and friends better…

YES. There are various reasons that make prior booking required: the room in which the game takes place needs to be prepared before each session; also it exist the possibility that the room is already booked / reserved in that specific day at that specific hour. Therefore, you cannot get in without a previous reservation made whit at least one hour before the game.
For reservations call at (0034) 640585643, or enter our website at www.room-escape.ro, and click the RESERVATIONS section. There, you will have to choose the day and the time of the desired booking. You also have to enter some personal information such as your name, telephone number and email address, so our staff can get in contact whit you in case of something goes wrong, or a possible malfunction. Reservations can be changed by the players at least one hour before the game starts.
*we reserve the right to cancel or move a reservation in case of a possible malfunction, or an unforeseen event. In that case one of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible, via phone or email and inform you of the situation. Depending on the case you could get a discount if we need to move you reservation to a different day and time.

Reservations can be canceled without any obligation from the client, at least one hour before the reservation date and time by sending an email to our address: contact@room-escape.ro or by phone at (0034) 640585643.

It is not mandatory to complete the game and manage to escape in 60 minutes, if you cannot get out in time, after 60 minutes the game stops and the door will be opened. The fun of the game consists in the challenge itself and not necessarily in the fact of being able to get out in time. The game is hard, especially if you never been to similar type of game before, but that only makes the satisfaction in case you manage to escape in time even greater.

There is no age limit to participate in the game, but due to the fact that parts of the game are quite difficult, it is recommended that players be over 14 or accompanied by at least one adult.

To be able to “escape” in time, 60 minutes, you need besides a keen sense of observation, intelligence and creativity, another key ingredient: cooperation between players and a strong team spirit. The game was designed so as to be very difficult to solve by yourself. Team members will need to address a number of challenges, successive or simultaneous, always against time, involving different sets of skills: musical ear, dexterity, spatial vision, talent with numbers and mathematical puzzles, etc. Good management and task distribution is crucial for your team to be able to escape in time.


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